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Titans believe rookie Thompson could be next Gronkowski

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(Credit: Associated Press)

With the emergence of Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham in New Orleans, teams across the NFL trying to find a dynamic tight end of their own that can be considered the second best receiver on the team.

The Tennessee Titans used their fifth-round pick in April on Taylor Thompson, a 6-foot-6, 290-pound defensive end at SMU who has been converted to tight end.

Now Sporting News is reporting, “According to sources, Thompson showed elite athleticism similar to New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski. The Titans believe Thompson could become a dynamic offensive player and be special in the long term if he continues to develop.”

If Thompson is truly as dynamic as the Titans claim, he may be worth a late round fantasy draft pick. Whether or not Thompson can become the next Gronkowski seems unlikely but only time will tell if he is or not.

For now, we will continue listening to reports and waiting for training camps to start.


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