Titus Young opened up about Mental Issues to ex-teammate

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Titus Young has been the talk of the league this offseason.

First, he was released from the Detroit Lions, just two seasons after the team drafted him in the second round. He had a me-first attitude, and it didn’t seem to phase him when they let him go.

Shortly after his release, the receiver-needy Rams brought him in to give him a second chance – but that didn’t last longer than a weekend before they realized they were in too deep and gave him walking papers.

Since his second release, he’s been booked and arrested four different times. Ranging from robbing a convienience store, to attempting to steal his car back from an impound lot after a DUI.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he has some issues, and many have suggested that he get help.

According to  ex-teammate Stephen Tulloch, Young is aware of his issues, and had opened up about them in the past.

“He’s aware of the situation that he’s dealing with and he showed me a paper and we went over it and I looked over it, and I understand it,” Tulloch told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press via ProFootballTalk. “A lot of people laugh about it and ke-ke-ke about it, but it’s real. He has head issues, and the Titus Young when he came in as a rookie and the Titus Young now is two different people. It’s kind of like when you look at him, he’s looking through you. It’s different. You can tell there’s something going on in his mind, in his head, and I hope that he can get help.”

The career of Titus Young is up in smoke, but the receiver knows that he needs help. (Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE)

The career of Titus Young is up in smoke, but the receiver knows that he needs help. (Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE)

It truly can be a scary situation  While it makes my job easier as a sports writer for content to write about, it’s never good to see someone struggling. Struggle can take it’s toll on any human being, and that at times can lead to unfortunate deaths.

“We had some long discussions and he showed me some things and I was like, ‘All right.’  The fact that before he didn’t realize it, now he realizes it. He just needs help. Basically he’s reaching out for help. He’s asking questions and he wants to be cured. And it’s tough when people laugh at him and think it’s a joke. ‘Oh, Titus did this.’ Obviously, he’s dealing with a mental issue that he needs help and people need to reach out and help him.”

It’s good that Tulloch is reaching out, it could be a step in recovery for Young who knows he needs the help. It could be a long process, but if he has the support he needs, he can turn things around and keep his name out of negative publicity.

Young is currently incarcerated in a California jail, where he is being held on eight different charges. If he is convicted he will face up to seven years in prison.


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