Todd Haley autographs bar napkin with “Chiefs Suck!!”

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What does Todd Haley do when you tell him your fiancee's Dad is a huge Chiefs fan? He signs an autograph with "Chiefs Suck!!" (Credit: Deadspin)

What does Todd Haley do when you tell him your fiancee’s Dad is a huge Chiefs fan? He signs an autograph with “Chiefs Suck!!” (Credit: Deadspin)

On Sunday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Steelers struggled against the Tennessee Titans. Ultimately, the Steelers went on to lose 16-9 to the Titans. Part of the reason for the loss was the Steelers inept offense which failed to surpass 200 total yards. Perhaps, the reason for the lack of offense was how Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley spent his Saturday night and early Sunday Morning.

This week, Deadspin received a story from a Steelers fan who had a rather interesting interaction with Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley at a hotel bar.

Eventually, the fan found something for Haley to sign and that is when hilarity ensued.

“After a few minutes of scrambling around to find something for him to autograph I found a white bar napkin and headed towards him. I approached him giving him some story of how my fiancee’s dad has been a huge fan since he was Head Coach of his favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. He said thanks, and then proceeded to sign the napkin with his name and the phrase; “Go Steelers!” “Chiefs Suck!”

The fan even offered to buy Haley a drink but the Steelers offensive coordinator turned him down. However, the girl with Haley tried to get a drink out of the fan.

“I thanked him numerous times and then asked if I could buy him a drink (he had a Bud Light in front of him). He said no thanks, but the woman he was with told me that I could buy her one. Having no idea who she was I said, “heck no” and walked away.”

The night did not end there. Instead, the fan’s buddy started heckling Haley asking with taunts such as “Roethlisberger isn’t going to like this” and “Hey, Haley, what plays are you calling tomorrow?”.

After a few minutes, Haley became annoyed with the taunts and came over to tell the fan to knock it off.

Again, a classic Todd Haley story ensued.

“After about 10-15 minutes of this Haley was officially annoyed. He proceeded to approach my friends and I to give us some speech about how he just moved his entire family to Pittsburgh and how he just wants to coach and then asked my friend, and I quote; “Why do you have to be so gay?” We all instantly erupted seeing as how Haley stuck it to our buddy and we clapped in excitement and astonishment that Todd Haley just gave our buddy the business. Needless to say, this remark didn’t sit to well with my friend. He proceeded to continue going at Haley and getting pissed. Haley was made aware and realizing that he pissed my buddy off, rather than apologizing he decided it would be better to try and have all of us removed and asked for security to get us out of there. That’s all I had to hear as myself and 5 other people knew to get the heck out of there.”

The fan even managed to sneak a picture of Todd Haley at the bar.


(Credit: Deadspin)

(Credit: Deadspin)


While I doubt this is the reason why the Steelers offense was anameic on Sunday, I find it funny that the team’s offensive coordinator was out late into the night drinking and harassing fans.

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