Tony Romo: Media members ‘don’t matter’ to Cowboys

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Despite the increased media attention following his six year, $108 million contract extension, Tony Romo says the media doesn't matter to the Cowboys (Credit: AP Photo)

Despite the increased media attention following his six year, $108 million contract extension, Tony Romo says the media doesn’t matter to the Cowboys (Credit: AP Photo)

This off-season, the Dallas Cowboys spent $108 million on a six year contract extension for quarterback Tony Romo. After spending over $100 million on Romo, owner Jerry Jones told the media he expects to get everything out of Romo. The extension also led some media members to question why the Cowboys would spend such a large amount on a quarterback who struggles to make the playoffs.

Despite the disrespect from some analysts, Romo says the media doesn’t matter to the Cowboys.

“Not trying to be rude, but you guys just don’t matter,” Romo told reporters Tuesday at Valley Ranch as the Cowboys opened mini-camp.

Romo added that whether the media says good or bad things about the team still has to play the games.
“I know you guys all have a job to do, and it helps grow the game and there’s a lot of talk about the game, and it’s a wonderful aspect of it,” he said. “But good/bad, none of it matters. It’s going to be played out on the field. No matter what, we’re going to have to open up the football season against the New York Giants, and whether you said great things or whether you guys may have said the Cowboys are whatever – the best ever, the worst ever, they can’t ever, they can – it doesn’t matter. You’ve still got to show up, and you’ve got to play. All the other stuff is for people to talk about and enjoy. To me, when you sit there and look at it, it just doesn’t matter. It’s just stuff.”
Romo was also asked whether or not he has thick skin.

“It’s fair to say,” he said

Romo made sure to share his philosophy about playing football and dealing with the media.
“Someone tells you you’re the greatest ever? ‘Thanks.’ Move on,” he said. “Someone tells you you’re the worst ever? ‘Thanks.’ Move on.’ And you go out there and keep getting better. And eventually, you’ll have your best chance for success.”

Playing for a franchise like the Dallas Cowboys, Romo is going to garner a lot of attention from the media. While it is smart to not care what the media is saying about the team, Romo is going to have to have a better season this year to justify his six year extension.

If Romo can lead the Cowboys to more wins next season, he won’t receive such negative attention from the media.

Until then, the media is going to continue why the Cowboys spent so much money on an unproven quarterback.

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5 Responses to Tony Romo: Media members ‘don’t matter’ to Cowboys

  • Well, he’s freaking right! Unless the writer actually played, they have no idea how difficult and challenging games/performances/etc. can be. Sure, they can write about them, judge them, point out mistakes, praise heroics, etc. And I’ll read some of it, a lot of people will. But I can’t stand shows like PTI, I’d rather debate things with my buddies than listen to a bunch of writers blather on. To think beat writers are needed this day and age is almost laughable.

    And I can’t stand Romo, for the record.

  • romo is exactly right you writers don,t take in to consideration he is running for his life on every snap with no chance of a running game to this point,but still you burn his butt every Monday following the games!! but if he were playing for n.y. jets with his talent you would be kissing his butt. he has to play the game- keep from getting planted into the turf on every play. he gets blind sided by the other team all the time but he gets up and goes again he makes mistakes like all the other qb,s. but he makes the most out of nearly every play. if he hadn,t signed with dallas this year you would be writing about all the other teams trying to pick him up.

  • Jerry Jones is the most hated owner in the NFL. He is such a jerk and obviously does not understand that Romo will EVER AMOUNT TO A TOP QUARTERBACK. This guy can’t even get by their opportunity to advance in the playoffs as his mind is on the women during a game and does not concentrate on the aspects of PRO FOOTBALL. I hope I am right and Jerry Jones has literally wasted $108,000,000 on a terrible quarterback. We will see in about 7 months and prove that myself alone with many, many fans that he NEVER will be a top notch quarterback.

  • It is so simple. Romo may run for his life but he has time to simply run out of the pocket and throw the ball away. Other good QBs do so. One other item is that when the Boys are ahead he try’s to force the ball. WHY? Your ahead! It is stupid to force a ball when your ahead even if it is 3rd and whatever. Throw the damn ball away and live to play and win the game. Forcing the ball gets interceptions. Interceptions cost points. Opponent’s points loose games. It is not rocket science. you don’t have to be a genius. Do not force the ball and throw an interception and risk an opponent touchdown! Got it!

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