Top 10 #LegendofKikoAlonso Tweets

In case you missed Sunday’s Buffalo Bills game (or the highlights that followed), line backer Kiko Alonso had an amazing day. The second round draft pick of Buffalo in 2013 and former Oregon Duck had two interceptions, including one late in the fourth quarter to seal the game. For the season, Alonso has 32 combined tackles, 4 interceptions, 1 forced fumble and 1 sack. The linebacker appears to be heading for the defensive rookie of the year award and I appear to be heading towards an I told you so article because of this.

With Kiko’s play on the field, he is becoming more popular off of the field. This week, the Twitter world has begun using the hashtag #LegendOfKikoAlonso to make jokes about Alonso’s greatness.

Here are the ten best #LegendOfKikoAlonso Tweets from the week:








And the best Tweet of the week for the #LegendOfKikoAlonso:


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