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Top NFL Tweets of Week 10

  • Shane Richardson

Each Tuesday, I’ll put together the top most witty tweets (in no particular order) I’ve seen over the weekend about the NFL & associated topics. My tweets are pulled from my timeline and @NFLRT. Encourage you to follow @NFLRT for retweets from NFL fans like you! If you don’t see yours, don’t give up…just keep tweeting!

In general, I’ll use fan tweets, unless some athlete/coach/media person gets really creative. Words in parentheses are mine added to clarify the context or person the tweet is about.

The feature meme with Golden Tate came from @Bobthemeh.

“Isn’t every chiefs player Mr. Irrelevant?” – @ThePrideOfLima (after a commentator mentioned kicker Ryan Succop’s status in his draft)

“#Seahawks WR Sidney Rice on Golden Tate’s TD toss: “His throwing motion was the worst. I thought we traded for Tebow for a second.” – @dannyoneil

“It’s only fitting Tim Tebow is a virgin AND a Jet. Both mean he’s getting no action and not scoring.” – @PeytonsHead

“With Vick out, Avant doubtful to return, & 3rd QB Edwards inactive, if Foles gets knocked out, section 137, Row 2, Seat 1 will be QB” – @shaner021 (after it was revealed the Eagles had no one to put in at QB if Foles was knocked out)

“How Many Catches Could A Kellen Davis Catch If A Kellen Davis Could Catch Catches?” – @CAL1FORNIA_BEAR (after Davis dropped a difficult, but makeable catch to keep the Bears potentially game-tying drive alive)

“I come all the way to Chicago for Texans-Bears and a Jets game breaks out.” – @HubbuchNYP

“Peyton Manning throws his 420th TD Pass in Denver the week Colorado legalized weed. You literally cannot make this sh*t up.” – @_simonwood

“At least we know what the Arizona offensive lineman are doing on their bye week. They went to Carolina.” – @brianbolek (after the Denver Broncos sacked Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton seven times)

“Hey Cam Newton… Is the end zone laced with Kryptonite this week or something?” – @Conway_Tweety

“Wow! Those Miami #Dolphins are getting worked over like a Colombian Hooker @ a Secret Service Bachelor Party!” – @jonsaidstuff

That #Bears defense was so good it kept themselves out of the endzone the entire game!” – Handsome1819

“I would buy Matt Cassel the new Call of Duty to make him feel better, but he’d probably just throw the game away” – @FakeCommish

And a couple election related tweets:

“Since Obama was re-elected, Mike Brown lost his job.. Mike Vick lost his job… Andy Reid lost his job..” – Fox News” – @FauxJohnMadden

“Roethlisberger just asked me if he was allowed to take a girl in the voting booth with him so she could “help”…smh” – @EvilMikeTomlin

I’ll end each Top 10 Tweets of the Week with an NFL Meme, courtesy of @TheRealNFLMemes (Facebook: NFL Memes):


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