Top 5 Quarterbacks to Never Win a Super Bowl

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

The top 5 QB’s to never win a super bowl. Interestingly enough, all five of these guys have a bust in Canton. This list is compiled out of opinion, enjoy!


5. Dan Fouts (1973-1987)

Spending 15 years as a San Diego Charger, Fouts amassed an 86-84 career record as a starter, went to six Pro Bowls,  threw for 43,040 passing yards and 254 touchdowns, had a 4.3 INT %, added 13 career rushing touchdowns, and an 80.2 % Career passer rating. He was enshrined to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993. Despite a Hall of Fame career, Fouts never made an appearance in a Super Bowl

4. Warren Moon (1984-2000)

During his 17 year career with four different teams (Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs) Warren Moon produced a 102-101 record as a starter, went to nine Pro Bowls, threw for  49,325 passing yards along with 291 touchdowns. He had a 3.4 INT % with 22 career rushing touchdowns, 80.9 % career passer rating. Moon was enshrined to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.  He never played in a Super Bowl, nor did he lead his team to a Conference Championship.

3. Fran Tarkenton (1961-1971)

Tarkenton enjoyed an 18 year career with two teams (Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants) , his record was 124-109-6 as starter, went to nine Pro Bowls, threw for 47,003 passing yards and 342 touchdowns. He had a 4.1 INT % and ran for 32  touchdowns while ending his career with an 80.4 % passer rating. He was enshrined to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986. In his three Super Bowl appearances the Dolphins, Steelers and Raiders crushed his dreams.

2. Dan Marino (1983-1999)

Dan Marino played 17 years with the Miami Dolphins while going 147-93 as a starter, played in nine Pro Bowls, threw for  61,361 passing yards and 420 touchdowns. He finished his career with a 3.0 INT %, Ran for nine touchdowns, and had an 86.4 % career passer rating. He was enshrined to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005. In his only super bowl appearance he threw one TD, two INT’s plus threw for 318 yards, But it wasn’t enough to get past the Joe Montana led 49ers in 1985.

1. Jim Kelly (1986-1996)

Kelly played ten years with the Buffalo Bills,produced a record of 101-59 as a starter, went to two Pro Bowls, put up 35,467 passing yards and 237 touchdowns, a 3.7 INT %, ran for seven touchdowns and an 84.4 % career passer rating. He was enshrined to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

I know I’ll get a lot of heat for putting Kelly over Marino, but in this league winning is everything. Marino racked up more wins as a starter than Kelly did overall. However, Kelly only played in the league for 10 years – seven less than Marino. Kelly’s Bills beat Marino’s Dolphins three times in the postseason to send the Fins’ packing. One of those wins being the AFC Championship game. The Bills went to the Super Bowl four years in a row, count’em, and couldn’t walk away with one of them. If it wasn’t for Scott Norwood’s 47-yard field goal attempt that sailed “Wide Right” in Super Bowl XXV than Marino would be in my number one spot.

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11 Responses to Top 5 Quarterbacks to Never Win a Super Bowl

  • What?! Dan the man is at 2? Great list!

    • Marino is a loser and always will be!

      • I remember the year that Pittsburgh was undefeated and playing underdog Penn St. Pitt took a 14-0 lead in the ist quarter and seemed to be on course to go to the National title game. Then Marino did something stupid. He cam up behind center and put his fingers up to say “We are #1″ in your face Penn St. Penn St scored 40 some points and shut Pitt and Marino down.. AWESOME!

  • Dan Marino was an incredible quarterback. No one could stop him, but the best defenses could slow him. I bet if the Dolphins used more of a running game he would have won a couple Super Bowls. It seems like 9 out of 10 times he would throw the ball. None of the other quarterbacks were close to Dan Marino in dominating games.

  • UMMMMM how bout Tony Romo? I love the cowboys but damn he needs to step it up or they need to get rid of him.

  • Tony Romo? He is not considered a great QB, average at best. He needs to win a few more playoff games before he could even be considered for this list. How about Mcnabb or Rich Gannon?

  • It’s sad that certain QB’s aren’t looked at as favorably as QB’s that won a Super Bowl. Last I knew, it was a team game? If you have a crappy running game, defense or special teams that can be all it takes to keep you from winning a single game in the playoffs. For example. put Marino on the Cowboys teams in the early 90’s. Do they win a Superbowl? I bet they do. Now put Aikman on those Dolphin teams and I bet they don’t do as well. Take Terrell Davis off the Broncos and Elway is here as well. IMO, guys like Elway, Marino and Kelly are as good as they get at the position. Football is a team game. I suppose Trent Dilfer is really good because he won a Super Bowl? Put Dan Fouts on that Raven team and I bet they do even better.

  • Johnny Unitas was still playing when the Super Bowl started. He even played in one.

  • John, if you are implying that Johnny U never won a Super Bowl, you are incorrect. He won SB V! :)

    • Justin, Unitas was knocked out of Super Bowl V in the second quarter, the Colts were trailing at that time. Earl Morrall played QB the rest of the game and brought the Colts the win.

  • Didn’t Warren Moon lead the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game against the Falcons or was that a semi-final game? I remember the Vikings had a huge lead until Warren Moon got fumbleitis and they lost. Broke my heart.

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