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Top NFL Tweets of Week 12

  • Shane Richardson

Each Tuesday, I’ll put together the top most witty tweets (in no particular order) I’ve seen over the weekend about the NFL & associated topics. My tweets are pulled from my timeline and @NFLRT. Encourage you to follow @NFLRT for retweets from NFL fans like you! If you don’t see yours, don’t give up…just keep tweeting!

Hashtags get more people reading your tweets by the way; hashtag the team you are tweeting about!

In general, I’ll use fan tweets, unless some athlete/coach/media person gets really creative. Words in parentheses are mine added to clarify the context or person the tweet is about.

“And people thought the turnover void left by Michael Vick was too big for anyone to fill #Eagles #MNF” – @mflagginski (after the Eagles turned the ball over a second time)

“Cheer up, Cheeseheads. At least your QB hasn’t been ass-tackled by his o-line yet.” – @PeytonsHead (after the Packers got steamrolled by the Giants in an embarrassing loss)

“The Cardinals haven’t won a game since the regular refs ended their strike. I say, bring back the replacement refs!! #BirdGang” – @CajaDeLunche 

“I bet Big Ben isn’t going to let any of the Steelers RB’s hold his new born child.” – @FakeCommish (after the Steelers running backs took turns fumbling the ball in a loss to the Browns)

“Colin Kaepernick is doing to Alex Smith what Alex Smith’s QB Skills his first 7 years tried to do to him… Keep him on the Bench” – @RobLoweSports

“In time since the Bills last made playoffs, #Colts went through entire Manning era and now new era of greatness with Luck” – @Bills_101

“In a fitting gesture, Carson Palmer hand delivers the 2 top picks Raiders gave to Bengals in that disastrous trade for Oakland.” – @TonyBrunoShow (after Palmer threw two picks in the Raiders lost to the Bengals)

“People who switched to GEICO sure are happy! How happy? Happier than Kaepernick watching Alex Smith holding his clipboard #49ers” – @shaner021

“Carson Palmer didn’t want to play in Cincinnati. He still doesn’t.” – @Mclemons67

“The Kansas City Chiefs inactive list is everyone except Bowe and Charles” – @CynicalLongkat

I’ll end each Top 10 Tweets of the Week with an NFL Meme, courtesy of @TheRealNFLMemes (Facebook: NFL Memes):

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