Top Ten Tattooed NFL Players

More and more in sports, we are seeing the popularity of body ink everywhere. However, there are some players that take their love (and possible obsession) with tattoos to the next level. Colleague Andy Flint ran down the Top Ten NBA Players with serious ink, and it is in that spirit I bring you the Top Ten NFL Players that are tatted up:


10. Vernon Davis > San Francisco 49ers

9. Rey Maualuga > Cincinnati Bengals

8. Jeremy Shockey > UFA

7. Devin Hester > Chicago Bears

6. Mike Wallace > Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Jason Babin > Philadelphia Eagles

4. Aaron Hernandez > New England Patriots

3. Brandon Marshall > Chicago Bears

2. Chris Johnson > Tennessee Titans

1. Stevie Johnson > Buffalo Bills

Senior Columnist: Jim Racalto

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