Trent Richardson responds to Rey Maualuga’s critique

After just one game in the NFL, Cincinnati Bengals Rey Maualuga is not impressed with Browns running back Trent Richardson (Credit: AP Photo)

If you needed some excitement for this Sunday’s Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns game, and trust us you do, look no further. It seems as though Rey Maualuga and Trent Richardson are trying to turn the Bengals-Browns rivalry into one similar to the Steelers-Ravens, just without all of the winning.

Sunday’s game marks Maualuga’s first up-close look at Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson, a player he doesn’t sound overly impressed with.

“He can run you over, and you can miss a tackle, at the same time, from what we’ve seen he didn’t do nothing spectacular,” Maualuga told, via The Plain Dealer. “From running screens, missing passes, trying to find a hole when he’s running the ball. He just didn’t do anything spectacular from what I’ve seen. I’m pretty sure he’s going to want to get after it once he plays us.”

Browns coach Pat Shurmur blew off the remarks Thursday, but Richardson did not, admitting he’s thought more than once about the critique.

“Most definitely,” Richardson told the newspaper. “When somebody wants to talk mess, I mean, hey, that’s them. I let my game speak for itself, so if they want to see how mad I am, or how upset they got me about the comment, you’ll see Sunday.”

One Response to Trent Richardson responds to Rey Maualuga’s critique

  • Maualuga is right, Richardson hasn’t done much at all. He has no blockers and if the Bengals shut him done he will really be pissed…If he is going to game speak for itself he beetr get a heck of a lot more yards than 39

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