Troy Polamalu: “There’s a little more of an edge.”

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Coming off a disappointing finish to the 2012 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to return to elite status in the AFC in 2013. They lost five of their last seven games last year after an injury to franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, after beginning the season 6-3. The way last season ended, coupled with many analysts and fans picking the Steelers to finish third in the AFC North in 2013, has the team on edge according to safety Troy Polamalu.


“There’s a little more of an edge,” safety Troy Polamalu said Tuesday via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Sometimes, when you’ve had consecutive years of some success, you get a little complacent, which is maybe natural, I don’t know. It’s definitely something that we’ve probably dealt with around here a little bit, last season being an example.”

Polamalu, widely considered the top safety in the game when healthy, has adopted a new training regimen this off season, as he struggled to stay 100% the last few seasons. Breaking away from Steelers tradition, several young players will be called upon in 2013 to step in and produce immediately. While the team is in a transition phase, the Steelers have not missed the playoffs twice in a row in over ten seasons. We will see if being the underdog for a change motivates and fires the team up to come out and once again prove the doubters wrong.

Most “experts” say they can’t. They won’t. I say they will.


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