Two Lions say racial slurs show their friendship

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According to the Detroit News, tight end Tony Scheffler and safety Louis Delmas often use derogatory terms towards one another as a sign of affection (Credit:

According to the Detroit News, tight end Tony Scheffler and safety Louis Delmas often use derogatory terms towards one another as a sign of affection (Credit:

After Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper was caught on camera using the N-word in a derogatory way at a Kenny Chesney concert, he was excused from the team for a few days to receiver counseling. Cooper’s comments set off a wave of discussion about the use of the word and whether or not he would ever truly be accepted by his fellow African American teammates.

While Cooper’s use of the N-word was supposed to demean those around him, two Detroit Lions players say they use similar words as a way of showing affection towards one another.

According to the Detroit News, white tight end Tony Scheffler and black safety Louis Delmas, who have been friends since their time together at Western Michigan, use derogatory comments to show their friendship towards one another.

According to the report, Delmas often greets Scheffler with “Hey, cracker,” and Scheffler replies, “How’s my n—–?”.

Despite the use of the same derogatory word, Delmas says while Cooper deserves all of the negative attention he is receiving, Scheffler is using the term in different circumstances.

“Me and [Scheffler] have a relationship many people do not have — both black and white,” Delmas said. “I look at him like my brother. I love him to death. He greets me, ‘What up, n—–?’ But I understand it. So I say, ‘What’s up, cracker?’ But we would never take it outside the building.”

Scheffler added that the pair call each other derogatory names as a sign of affection towards one another.

“I treat Louis like a little brother,” Scheffler said. “He knows my wife and kids. He calls me ‘white boy’ and ‘cracker.’ We go back and forth with it and we are both comfortable with each other. I can’t say the same with other relationships in the locker room or how other guys would feel about it. So it is a tough dynamic when you are using those types of words. Everybody does not react the same.”

Something tells me this story is going to add more fuel to the fire about the use of derogatory comments in America.

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7 Responses to Two Lions say racial slurs show their friendship

  • Me and my friends do the same. I get called every white name their is by my black friends and it doesn’t bother me a bit I actually find it funny. We bond that way and We are all brothers and would do anything for eachother.

  • I call my black friends Black trash and Ni@@er all the time. They are fine with that. Cracker shouldn’t bother white people. It’s not racist. It’s what white Floridians call each other who had more than three generations born in Florida. They are very proud of the name. I don’t think there are any racist slurs for white people. I’m not called any.

    • HEY you white trailer trash? Ain’t you ever heard of hay-seed hicks? How about toothless junkie crack-head white trash. There are plenty of crude / descriptive / disgusting ‘names’ to go around. Just because you haven’t heard them yet –doesnt mean they don’t exist.
      My wife calls me ‘ax -xhole’ and I call her ‘beyatch’.
      Until one day, she took the ‘beyatch’ word seriously and teared up. we don’t call each other those names anymore.
      And if you don’t believe me,
      you must be a f-bomb-ing ax-xhole, welfare cheat white honkey trailer trash ax – hhole.

  • I actually had a friend in the Military who used to do this as well. We were very good friends and remain so 30 years later. I have always said the same thing. Its just a word, the context is what is important.

  • Please censor cracker of you’re going to censor the other one. I’m just as offended.

  • In my OPINION all I will say to this story is. That if these 2 professional athletes feel comfortable DISRESPECTING each other in the manner they currently are. Who am I to change their PRIVATE DISPLAY OF AFFECTION towards one another.

    But in my own life I don’t DISRESPECT my black nor white male and female friends with DEROGATORY RACIAL NAMES towards them, to show my love for them. And I certainly will NOT allow any DISRESPECTFUL RACIAL NAME CALLING in my immediate circle from any race.

    I guess if the people involved are fine with what they call each other. Then I can be just as fine too!

  • My hubby is white,im blk & we call eachother names all the time. I call him blk ass or he will call me white girl. I think it depends on how its used…

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