Vernon Davis: “Alex Smith is Still the Man”

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In an interview with KNBR radio in San Francisco, San Francisco 49ers start tight end was asked a variety of questions regarding the state of the 49ers. Davis was quite candid while discussing the 49ers quarterback situation, which has come to the forefront of NFL sports talk radio after backup Colin Kaepernick’s breakout performance Monday night against the Chicago Bears. Kaepernick started in place of injured starter, Alex Smith, who was out after suffering a concussion the previous week against the St Louis Rams.

KNBR: Were you surprised at how well Colin Kaepernick played?

 “No he didn’t surprise me. Kaepernick is very dedicated to his craft, he wants to be successful and he will do everything and anything it takes to get there, that’s what I like about him. I’ve always talked to Kaepernick and he would always express his feelings towards the game and he’s always letting me know that he’s ready. He wants to let everyone know that he can play this game.”

KNBR: Do you think Kaepernick has better too;If he thinks Kaepernick has better physical tools than Alex Smith:

“They’re different. They both bring different things to the game. Kaepernick is always in the weight room, he is strong, he can run and he’s tough just like Alex. They just bring different things to the game.”

KNBR: How have you seen Kaepernick grow?

“He really stepped up last night and I’m really proud of him. I think he came a long way especially since last year. This boy is making a decision, he’s making the correct decision and he is letting the rock go. That’s what you want. You want a quarterback like that, especially when your starter goes down, you want the next quarterback to go in and make it happen just like that.”

KNBR: How were the 49ers able to play so effectively against the Bears?

“I don’t think they expected us to come out and throw the ball like we did. We really attacked them and that was our plan to attack these guys and everyone is talking about them, like ‘this is one of the best defenses in the league, they’re tough, they’re going to stop you guys,’ they look good on film so we had to attack them. Any time you face a team like that you have to take it to them right away.”

KNBR: What do you think Coach Jim Harbaugh will say about the quarterback situation going forward?

“I don’t know. Harbaugh is one of those guys where you never know what he’s going to say. He’s very energetic, he can be dramatic at times and you just never know. I don’t know. He’s probably right. He is going to play the hot hand. Alex has the hot hand and Kaepernick has the hot hand. Alex, you can’t forget, Alex did break the franchise record.”

KNBR: What would you think if you were Alex Smith?

“They’re both great players. Kaepernick played last night and happened to do a good job but Alex is still the man, no question.”

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