Victor Cruz: Hakeem Nicks is Giants #1 Receiver

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Even after avoiding the Giants facility in the hopes of receiving a new contract and missing the beginning of training camp with an injured groin, Hakeem Nicks still has supporters in the Giants organization. Surprisingly, though, it’s his direct competition for the title of Giants #1, Victor Cruz.


“I think the No. 1 wideout is Hakeem Nicks,” Victor Cruz said on NFL Network’s “NFL AM” on Monday. “I mean, he’s been here longer, he understands this offense. He’s our big-play guy, he’s on the outside. So I definitely think he’s our No. 1 receiver, there’s no doubt about it.”


Nick’s injury concerns are probably one of the main reasons that he might not get the #1 money that he expects. It also might be the fact that the guy who says he’s the #1 just got a rich new contract. Cruz just cashed in on a six-year, $45.879 million deal which complicates matters for Nicks.


According to an early July article by the New York Daily News

“The Giants knew that whatever they paid Cruz they were going to have to pay more to Nicks,” one prominent NFL agent said. “His agents were watching this whole thing closely and I’m sure they were drooling over the size of Cruz’s deal.”


So Cruz says that Hakeem Nicks is definitely the #1 wideout for the Giants, but may have cost Nicks the money that a typical #1 would get with his new contract. Cruz did say that he felt like wide receivers as a whole are undervalued, which is one of the reason’s he’s trying to get his teammate the contract he says he deserves.


“I do think we’ve been undervalued; I think it definitely signifies a change in the game,” Cruz said. ” … I think the numbers are the numbers, and they have to be scaled according to the tops in the league, no matter where you line up on the field.”


What do you think? Is Hakeem Nicks the #1 WR for the Giants?
Did Victor Cruz’s contract hurt Nicks in the long run?
Are WR’s undervalued like Cruz says?

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