Video: Johnny Manziel avoids tackles, fumbles ball into hands & throws a touchdown

There is a reason they call him Johnny Football. With his team already leading the number one team in the country, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is somehow able to escape the Alabama defense, fumble the ball into his own hands and then throw a touchdown.

How is he able to escape the defense is beyond me. What is even more amazing is that he almost fumbles the ball but recovers and is able to throw to a wide open receiver for a touchdown.

The announcers actually went silent when they realized he escaped the defense and was about to throw a touchdown to a wide open receiver.

Check out the play below:


3 Responses to Video: Johnny Manziel avoids tackles, fumbles ball into hands & throws a touchdown

  • cory hendrix says:

    that is why people in kerrville tx is so proud of him did same thing in hs

  • Ginger says:

    Bama didn’t show up for this game, and all the cards fell in the right place for A&M. Bama could still be in the championship game, but everything would have to happen just right. Stranger things have happened. Bama fans are the only ones who want it to happen, and we realize that the rest of the college football world and probably even the sportscasters want Bama to lose!

  • Dave says:

    Ginger – As an Aggie, believe me when I say I DO WANT ‘BAMA to play for the national championship. One of the reasons we came to the SEC is because it is the “championship conference”. Since A&M won’t be in it, I would rather have another SEC team than any other conference. Help our recruiting efforts to get us ready for a championship season in the future. Gig’em Aggs!

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