Video: Play of the year, Ray Rice converts 4th & 29 to save game

After the Joe Flacco fumbled the ball, the Ravens faced a 4th and 29. After dumping the ball down to Ray Rice, the running back was able to scamper 29 yards and grab the first down. The team went on to tie the game and win in overtime (Credit: AP Photo)

With his team down by three points, Ray Rice was able to convert a 4th and 29 to save the game. The Ravens got to the 4th and 29 after Joe Flacco fumbled the ball which was recovered by Michael Oher. After not being able to find any of his receivers down field, Flacco went to his check down in Ray Rice. Flacco most likely thought Rice would just gain a few yards and the game would end. Instead, Rice ran the ball 29 yards and just barely grabbed the first down. Anquan Boldin was able to lay a block on a defender to allow Ray Rice to gain the last three yards.

The Ravens went on to get into field goal range and kick a game tying field goal.

The game went into overtime, and the Ravens were able to stop the Chargers long enough to get a field goal and win the game 16-13.

Check out the video below:

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