VIDEO: Sean Payton dances with cute blonde in the Bahamas

  • Jim Racalto

TMZ is everywhere. They make me actually wish I never get famous for anything. But that’s neither here nor there. Fresh off the news that suspended New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton will be getting divorced, he was spotted getting down with a young blonde in the Bahamas. Looks like Payton is easing into the suspended/divorced life just fine as he dances with a cute blonde in the Bahamas:

From TMZ:

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23 Responses to VIDEO: Sean Payton dances with cute blonde in the Bahamas

  • Title should have been “BootyGate”–just saying.

  • What happens in the Bahamas,…oh screw it, ends up on TMZ.

  • Payton’s putting a bounty on da booty!

    • Looks more like he was drunk, got frisky and the girl left….oh, but TMZ doesn’t report the facts….sorry guys.

    • who cares!! his wife left him!!! why is only ok for the womren to go out and have some fun and “get some”…but when the men do we are crap for it!!!
      GOOD FOR YOU SEAN!!!!!!

  • Crap! F&^%!@ing Paparazzi, who give a crap if he’s dancing in the Bahamas????

  • This is just disgusting……as are all of your responses. Almost makes me ashamed to be a Saints fan. He’s still a MARRIED MAN, for goodness sake! Instead of going out partying, the man should be making some kind of attempt to reconcile with his wife and children. And as a CATHOLIC…..and he is still a CATHOLIC……should the reconciliation fail, he should get an ANNULMENT before he even THINKS about being with other women…..I guess this is what happens when one follows the ways of the world instead of the ways of God…..not that that seems to matter much to Sean Payton, or to anyone who has posted here for that matter…..

    • how do you know he didn’t try to reconcile with this wife? Mind your own business!

    • Tom…you for real or what? Focus that crap on Tiebow.

    • JOHN! What kind of religion allows you to act like you were never married and never had any children? GFY

    • I hear pal, BUT HE WITHOUT SIN, CAST OUT THE 1st STONE!!
      if ur going to try & Pt the faults of another… Apparently you R
      Spot picking only some of the word! (GOSPEL,BIBLE) so only
      Some of the Comandments r Good enuff for u to Pt out!!!!! Hard
      Enuff for ones self to try to live sin free than worry bout someone
      Elses sins!!!

    • What is the deal John? Don’t bring any stupid religion into this. We never should judge anyone unles they are harming others.

    • @ John Treuil – Having been in this situation, I haven’t lost one ounce of respect for Sean Payton after seeing this article. My marriage ended badly and I know that there is ZERO chance that my wife and I will reconcile, and I am perfectly happy with that, to move on with my life. Why are people condemning Sean for doing the same thing, especially since there are very likely details about the divorce/separation that only he and his wife are privy to? Don’t condemn him since you don’t know the full story.

  • It doesn’t look like she was too receptive of Sean putting his hands on her waist. She quickly removes his hands from her body, turns around and walks away through the crowd.
    I’m not convinced they were even together.

  • He totally gets shut down! Goes for the reach around with her and she pushes his hands away and heads for the bar! Excellent! Sean Payton is a clown.

  • Really. You don’t know what is going on his relationship. As far as we know his wife is sleeping with all of the active players. Don’t try to find the higher power when you really don’t know. People like you assume way too much and more of an addictive person that the TMZ people who release this crap.
    And by the way I don’t think its illegal to “bad dance” next to a yesterday hot blonde.

    if you are a catholic you shouldn’t be involved with this Lust and gossip.

    I can only imagine you are one of these freaks that protest at soldier funerals, and stand on the beach board walk claiming the end is near.

    You need to post on articles about the “God Partical” and keep your religious mis-beliefs out of the sports sites.

    and for everyone else. If you dance this bad stop, and get some dancing lessons.

    • So you represent the “Post Police?” Religious-based comments don’t belong in sports? That sort of comment doesn’t belong anywhere, but you legally have the right to make such a thoughtless comment. “Don’t try to find the higher power when you really don’t know.”(Find the higher power? what is that supposed to mean? The guy was basing his opinion on a belief in a “Higher Power.” Did you read your own comment before you pressed “post comment?”) “People like you assume way too much and more of an addictive person that the TMZ people who release this crap.” If you are commenting on the addictive, assumptive-then you can look into the mirror about your own addictive/assumptive problems for commenting on someone whom you claim has an addictive/assumptive personality. “And by the way I don’t think its illegal to “bad dance” next to a yesterday hot blonde.” He was dancing with another woman(while being a married man) in a way that didn’t appear to be innocent. It has nothing to do with whether or not it’s legal. It’s wrong, period. How would you react if your wife, girlfriend, partner(whatever you are into) was on tape doing what Sean was doing? Hym? And Just an fyi,I’m religious and refuse to keep my opinion out of sports. It’s still “legal” to comment based on my faith so I will continue to do so. If you can comment based on whatever beliefs or lack of beliefs your opinion comes from(and I’m sure it’s fascinating), then us “religious-based” “freaks” will continue as well.

  • His ball was batted down. Rejection!

  • Yeah right, this is more clear evidence of a 3 year pay-to-injure-bounty -system.

  • TMZ failed to mention that he Flipped them OFF for filming him & the camera tried to play it off as he was just filming the crowd. Sould just leave him only so he can collect himself. He has a lot going on. He does have the year off. Mind as well let loose & go back to work next year. Plus, those who are talking about oh he still married n should reconcile with his wife. She filed for divorce not him so obviously there is nothing there for the both of them & needs to move on. I’m pretty sure he does have his kids in mind & when the time comes he will make sure to be there for them & will always be dad to them & fight for whats fair. But really, a guy just cant go on vaction & dance. Especially after everything thats happening. Come on.

  • Why are we even commenting on this unclear video when we can’t truly identify the person dancing as Sean Payton. Thats how rumors are started. I have heard of and seen too many people who look like me and had my name.

    • Too bad for him. Don’t want the scrutiny? coach high school and make 18K a year. I agree with above, blonde said “no thanks” and probably “you dance like an old fart”.


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