Vince Young, out of the game and out of money

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Despite making a guaranteed $26 million, the Associated Press reported today that former Tennessee Titans starting quarterback Vince Young is broke (Credit: AP Photo)

Nearly six years after entering the NFL, as the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, former Texas quarterback Vince Young is without a team. Furthermore, the Associated Press is reporting today that Vince Young is also, apparently, out of money despite signing a contract with a guarantee of $26 million.

Where did all of his money go?

The quarterback who led Texas to a Rose Bowl victory in 2006 is back in Houston after being cut by the Buffalo Bills. He’s also in a tenuous financial condition as a caustic series of legal actions focus on what happened to his money.

Some portray Young as an out-of-control spender who put himself deeply in the hole. Others describe him as a victim of inexperienced advisers.

Young’s attorney says of his client just ”needs a job.”

After wasting away more then $26 million dollars it is hard to feel sorry for Young but this is not an uncommon practice in the NFL. The league is trying to combat these financial problems for rookies but I have a feeling these stories will continue to exist as long as the NFL and other major sporting leagues exist.

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