Vontae Davis provides proof KC is tampering, then takes it all back

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In a “what exactly were you thinking” moment, Indianapolis Colts corner back Vontae Davis provided proof that the Kansas City Chiefs might be tampering with free agent Sean Smith. A few hours ago, Davis took to Twitter and tweeted that Sean Smith had been talking to the Chiefs.

Vontae Davis and Sean Smith played together in Miami for three seasons before Davis was traded in August 2012 to the Colts for a second round pick.

Davis quickly took back his tweet and now claims he was hacked.

In fact, Davis says he did not even see Sean Smith last night.

The weird thing about all of this is Vontae Davis did not even delete the Tweet about seeing Sean Smith last night. If hackers really did take over his Twitter and post that (which is unlikely) you would think Davis would be smart enough to delete the Tweet. Instead, he seems to be doing what every athlete does when they say something stupid, blame hackers.

NFL Free Agency begins March 9 and teams can begin to contact free agents about signing to their team. If they do so before then, they are guilty of tampering.

If the Chiefs are found guilty of tampering with Sean Smith, they will have to send draft picks to the Dolphins for the infraction.

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