Warren Sapp Personally Attacks Michael Strahan

  • Ian Johnson
(Courtesy of Philly.com)

(Courtesy of Philly.com)

Warren Sapp apparently has too much time on his hands. On Tuesday Sapp told reporters that  Michael Strahan does not belong in the Hall of Fame and even challenged Strahan to a fight. According to NBC Sports, Sapp stated Strahan “comes up short” of being in Sapp’s standard for the HOF. This comes as no surprise seeing as how these two men have a long history dating back to their playing days.

Strahan, who is going up for election for the second consecutive year on Saturday first joked about the whole situation. He downplayed it all, according to the New York Daily News he originally stated “I’m glad he (Sapp) doesn’t have a vote.” Then he couldn’t help but fire back by saying “The tiger does not pay attention to the opinion of the sheep.”

In reality Strahan not only has the right to defend himself but he also deserves his place in the Hall of Fame. The man won a Super Bowl and was the face of the New York Giants during his time just as much as Sapp was the face of the Buccaneers. Though I am sure Michael Strahan couldn’t care less what Sapp has to say and is taking the whole situation lightly.

This all comes out of no where somewhat especially when comparing career each man had. They both won a Super Bowl, both played on the defensive line, and know the mentality it takes in order to succeed in the NFL. Strahan does go on to make great points saying that if anyone has a problem with him he is the type of person you just go to and resolve the issue.

That is where my issue lies with Sapp. If you have a problem with someone, especially another player, then you resolve that issue with the individual. Going to the media with these statements definitely seems like a cowardly move from Warren Sapp.

History does tell us that this feud between these two retired Super Bowl champions dates all the way back to 2002 when they had a dispute over the NFL’s single-season sack record. Also, just last year the fire rekindled when Sapp was elected to the Hall of Fame over Strahan himself. So in reality this whole scenario should come as no surprise though it is very exciting to see unfold in front of us during what is usually quiet time before the Super Bowl.

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