Watch: DeSean Jackson scores on Giants; Celebrates with Cruz’s Salsa

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

I love this rivalry, it’s top 5 on my list for sure.

Unfortunately, the Giants aren’t who they used to be and this game wasn’t nearly as exciting as some in the past – but DeSean Jackson made at least one part worth writing about.

After grabbing a score, Jackson danced a little Salsa dance and booted the pylon – taking a jab at a sad Victor Cruz.



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2 Responses to Watch: DeSean Jackson scores on Giants; Celebrates with Cruz’s Salsa

  • somebody needs to work a little more on his coordination. Perhaps the energy Desean uses for being an idiot, can be vested elsewhere. Oh yeah lets gets started at least Victor Cruz’s name is properly spelled. Desean a true product of his environment. All in the name. WTF!

  • his environment appears to be metlife stadium, the question at hand here is, who will be the next eagles to create a miracle in your shit hole stadium, in which i live 10 minutes from. we have herm edwards, brian westbrook, desean jackson, who will be next to disrespect your shit team in your shit stadium? wait wait, before you say something foolish and dig into the pasts, don’t even ask how many rings, because those rings are doing nothing for you today. giants suck, yankees suck you ny sport fans are not even worthy of being called fans, more like fair weather fans, team does good they’re the talk of the town, people have on jerseys and hats, lawn ornaments, they play like this and poof gone like your season, the jerseys go away, no more hats, no lawn ornaments, probably have an excuse as to it hurts too much to even watch your pathetic winless team. maybe we don’t have rings, maybe we aren’t that much better, but we eagles fans, have devotion and loyalty to our team, players may get booed at times but that’s due to the money they make and when they under produce but as fans, we will always stick by our team, 0-16 or 16-0 we watch every snap every play we are loyal something you ny ring fans should learn about. sissy,.

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