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Watch: Matt Bryant to Panthers: “You’ll be watching us in January!”

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

Ahh, classic NFL trash talk. Remember when the Falcons squeaked past the Carolina Panthers in a 30-28 week four showdown and Falcons QB Matt Ryan exclaimed Get the f*** off our field!“? 

Yesterday it was time for the Panthers to tell the Falcons the same thing after they beat up on the Falcons and sent them away with a 30-20 loss.

After the game, Panthers DE Greg Hardy engaged in a little smack talk as he walked off the field, telling Falcons players to “Get the f*** off our field!” . Falcons Kicker Matt Bryant didn’t take too kindly to Hardy and said “Y’all a sorry team!”, Hardy responded with “Ay, y’all lost to a sorry team, baby!” 

And then Matt Bryant hit him with a dagger saying “You’ll be watching us in January!” saying that the Falcons have already secured a playoff spot, and the Panthers are far from that.

I love when players show heart, especially with a losing record and are far from being where the other team is, and I love a bit of trash talk. When there is video of said scenarios it gets even better.

For these division rivals, they won’t see each other until next season, but Bryant is right – the Panthers will be watching the Falcons come playoff time.

Check out the video below!


(S/O to Zach Klein for the video!)

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