WATCH: Reggie Bush’s vintage 18-yard touchdown run

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Talk about a resurgence: Reggie Bush has turned back the clock this year, and has looked like the same guy that was taken with the 2nd overall pick back in 2006. After many disappointing seasons in New Orleans, Bush has seemed to found his game in Miami with the Dolphins. Maybe it is the coaching scheme, or maybe it is the South Beach hotties waiting for him after the game if he gets in the end-zone.

Late in the second quarter of a tie game vs. the Indianapolis Colts, the Dolphins had just entered the red zone, and handed the ball off to Bush, assuming probably to pick up a few yards to move the chains. Instead, Bush took it to the house, and juked the entire Colt defense in the process.

Whatever the answer, as long as runs like this continue every Sunday, Dolphin fans won’t ask any questions about where the time machine that Bush found is:

This is always a constant theme for me in sports: the only thing fans love more than watching a guy fall, is to witness him climb back to the top.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Assistant Site Manager

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  • True story, I am a subscriber to and 2yrs ago I said in an “Ask an Expert” that Bush is a start bc their RBs are hurt. I won’t say who it was bc that’s not the point, but I told them on a reply that Bush hasn’t been given a chance to run in scheme that allows him to use his vision. Yes, Bush had his time wasted in NO while they traded up to get Ingram; an oft injured RB at Alabama with a reconstructed knee.

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