WATCH: Western Michigan HC pranks team with scholarships

  • Marcus Burnan

During a team meeting earlier this week, Western Michigan head coach P.J. Fleck handed out cards to his team with the numbers one to three written on them.

However, four players didn’t get the same number.  They received the number four.  When told of this, Coach Fleck pretends to flip out and demands they come to the front to receive new cards.  When they received their new cards and opened them, instead of getting the same that the other players had received, they got a card that had “Scholarship” on them.

Said Fleck on the lucky four:

“These four guys exemplify what our program is about,” Fleck said. “They get nothing … They don’t have the scholarships like everybody else, but they work just as hard. And they sacrifice just as much, if not more, more strain on their family. Don’t you dare take your scholarship for granted for one second.”

The four players were Andrew Aurand, Jason Meichtry, Alec Moulton and Dan Quinn.

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