Whiteboard in Ohio State locker room smashed after Orange Bowl loss

The Ohio State Buckeyes were defeated 35-40 by the Clemson Tigers in the Orange Bowl on Friday night.  It was a shootout between two of colleges best quarterbacks – Braxton Miller of Ohio State and Tajh Boyd of Clemson.

But the game isn’t what the piece is about.

It’s what happened after the game.  As you can expect, Ohio State were very upset with this loss.  They had been on course to go to the National Championship game before they were defeated in the Big Ten championship game by the Michigan State Spartans.  That loss snapped a 24 game winning streak.

The Orange Bowl was their chance to get their vengeance and win a BCS Bowl game.  But they blew it and lost.  And since emotions were high…well look at the picture below to see what happened.


As you can see, there’s a massive hole in the whiteboard, presumably due to having some angry players throwing their helmets and kicking it in fury or frustration.  Probably both.

Photo Credit: @dkurtenbach (via USA Today For The Win)

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