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Win NFL Network’s Coach of the Week? Get Co-host’s Daughter’s Gymnastics Medal

  • Shane Richardson

In one of the stranger and more oddball happenings of the final week of the NFL season, the NFL Network is apparently either strapped for cash or was the victim of some weird improve by one of their hosts. During their “Fantasy Live” show, host Matt “Money” Smith announced fellow commentator Adam Rank as their Fantasy Football “Coach of the Week.” Smith began the odd commentary by stating, “Congratulations, um, we didn’t get a trophy…so I just raided my daughter’s, uh, award cabinet…and Im a just, uh, here we go, I’m just gonna go ahead and put that around the champion…it’s, uh, Gymnastic, uh, what is it? Oh, uh, 3rd overall.”  If NFL Network wanted to give out an award each week for their fantasy league, they certainly have the cash flow to buy 17 trophies at the beginning of their and just hand them out week to week. See the clip below (courtesy of NFL Network):

In fairness to Rank, he played it off fairly well, but it is doubtful Smith wins any “Dad’s of the Week” medals after giving away one of his daughter’s awards and compounding it by not even knowing what was for.

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