Wisconsin Baby Born with Broken Collarbone Named after Aaron Rodgers

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Baby Aaron, in his Green Bay apparel, named after Aaron Rodgers. (Cooper Williams/Press-Gazette Media)

Baby Aaron, in his Green Bay apparel, named after Aaron Rodgers. (Cooper Williams/Press-Gazette Media)

This is a pretty cool way to name your baby.

From the Green Bay Press Gazette, a recently born baby was named after Packers QB Aaron Rodgers due to the two sharing a similar injury.

Baby Aaron was born with a broken collarbone, on the same side that has Rodgers sidelined, so the parents, both bigtime Packers fans felt it was only right that their future quarterback shared a name with Rodgers.

Here’s more from the Gazette:

Just like the Green Bay Packers quarterback, this Aaron suffered a broken collarbone on a pretty big play.

It was his birth.

The 8-pound boy was born Sunday — hours before kickoff for the hometown NFL team — with the same injury currently nagging the Green Bay quarterback.

So, for parents who are both green-and-gold loyalists, the choice of a name for the newborn seemed only logical.

Meet Aaron Rodger Dryer.

And while the youngster still has to do some healing — and growing — before he is ready for some football, his parents already suspect the little guy will someday follow his namesake quarterback Aaron Rodgers onto the gridiron.

“He’ll be taking snaps,” his father, Kyle Dryer, said Tuesday as the family returned from the hospital and settled into their home on Green Bay’s west side.

Baby Aaron was born at 12:20 p.m. Sunday at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay. He was a couple of weeks early, and his parents had not really settled on a name yet.

But when the nurses discovered the broken left collarbone — on the same side as the quarterback’s injury — the parents did not need long to choose a name. Kyle was the first to suggest it.

“I said, ‘That’s not a bad name,’” recalled the baby’s mother, Kristal Tyczkowski. “That’s when we knew.”

They dropped the “s” from Rodgers because they thought Rodger sounded better as a middle name.

I was also born with a borken collarbone, but I didn’t get pegged with a name that resembled the best quarterback in the league at the time – which probably explains why I write articles now.

All kidding aside, this is a pretty cool story!


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