Woody Johnson can’t get enough of Tim Tebow

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A while ago, Joe Namath said that the Jets were more interested in making headlines than winning football games. As if there needed to be any more proof as to why Namath was right… enter team owner Woody Johnson. Johnson reportedly told the New York Daily News that you can “never have enough Tebow”.

Johnson was asked if he felt like the Jets preseason offensive struggles would lead to more or less of Tim Tebow being on the field, and he more or less told the media that he had complete faith in Tebow. To be fair, he didn’t place the entire team on Tebow’s shoulders. He added that he believes the offensive struggles and the ability to overcome them comes from the entire team, not just one backup quarterback.

“But I think it’s more than just that. It’s getting all the players — the offensive line and everything coordinated (so) you can establish a good running attack  . . . and also have our receivers healthy and ready to participate and contribute to the effort. It’s a lot of timing and teamwork that we need.”

Fans might not completely agree that more Tebow is whats needed for the team. He hasn’t played well this preseason at all. 13-of-36 passing, 2 INTs, 7 sacks, and no TDs isn’t good.

Woody Johnson may have faith in possibly the most famous name in the game right now, but unless the team’s offensive woes get fixed, it won’t matter.

Tebow (and most of the starters) aren’t expected to play in the preseason finale against the Eagles. The Jets are the second team since 1977 to go without a touchdown in their first three preseason games. It’ll be interesting to see if they can get over that hump in the final game before their opener against Buffalo on September 9th


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