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Dwight Howard and Josh Smith to team up next year?

  • Jason Whitney

Could Dwight Howard and Josh Smith team up next year?

Is it a coincidence that both Dwight Howard and Josh Smith would not sign extensions beyond this year with their current ball clubs? The two grew up together as young basketball players in Atlanta while playing on the same AAU team. Now, the two have reportedly talked about playing together once again.

“We have a couple of times,” Howard said. “But unfortunately that hasn’t happened.”

If an NBA team were to land the Howard/Smith duo, they would certainly piggyback off the “lob city” slogan and modify that to “block city.” Josh Smith and Dwight Howard have each averaged 2.2 blocks per game throughout their careers. Teams like the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets and even the Atlanta Hawks could possibly woo the pair to come play for their respected franchises with the cap space they’re expected to have.

But don’t get it twisted, Dwight Howard “says” he’s concentrated on this year and trying to win his team a championship.

“If he wants to go to dinner, we can,” Howard said. “But I’ll probably just be chilling at my house and playing video games. If he wants to hang out, he can. But our job is to just win. He’s not my friend when we step on the floor. We might laugh and joke we’re trying to win a game.”


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