Dwight Howard Still Wants Out

He wants out

Today, the Orlando Magic fired head coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith. It would appear that this was done to please star center, Dwight Howard. Well, according to SheridanHoops.com, Howard still wants out of Orlando. Sheridan Hoops reports that a source close to the Magic’s star center says Howard wants to start a new basketball chapter in another city. Apparently, this is a desperate and serious wish. The Brooklyn Nets are said to be the front-runner, but there are “other” teams on Howard’s wish list.

Where does this leave the Magic? Who knows. This has been a bad, rumor filled year for Orlando. Whatever the situation, choices need to be made, not only by the Magic but by Howard as well. Get this done please, so we all can move stop hearing about this. Trade him.

  • Florida Fred

    Here’s a not-so-strange thought: trade everyone except
    Ryan and J. J. and start the-hell over. Do not hire Patrick,
    Bryan, or another cast-off as coach. If Dwight goes – bring
    SVG back. You got something better ? Spill it !!
    And because I am not-too-far from his age, I can say this:
    I think “the ole’ man ” is too tired and heart-sick to intervene.
    Jus’ sayin’ !

  • ArthurFonzarelli

    Why do you end your lame post with ” Jus’ saying””?
    We know you said it, we just read it. Teen girls love that little saying…

  • sport

    Send crybaby to the worst team record in league and rebuild thru draft. You are not a championship caliber team so blow it up. Sick of the crying. Want to follow my local Magic but can’t put up with crap so GO C’s

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