Dwight Howard’s agent was the source of leak

Dwight Howard’s agent was confirmed to be the leak of the meeting between Dwight and Magic brass.

Dwight Howard’s agent is indeed the source who leaked information about a meeting between Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. David Stern originally casted blame on Dan Fegan last week when details emerged about both sides meeting to discuss Dwight’s future. The soap opera that never ends was confirmed by ESPN’s Ric Bucher.

“On the morning prior to Wednesday’s supposedly confidential meeting between Dwight Howard and Rob Hennigan, there were media reports stating a meeting was taking place later that same day,” wrote agent Dan Fegan of LaGardere Unlimited in an email. “Prior to the actual meeting, Dwight’s business manager and I met with Rob, reminded him that we had not requested the meeting, had been reluctant to take it and were concerned that the Magic had leaked that a meeting was taking place.

“Both during and after the meeting, we continued to get communications from the media telling us that they had confirmation that the meeting was occurring and/or had taken place. After the meeting, some media requested comments on information they allegedly already had on what had taken place in the meeting. I want to stress that none of the information the reporters had about the meeting at this point came from us.

“After receiving these media inquiries, I called Rob and left several messages expressing concern that what had occurred in the meeting was not going to be accurately reported — as had happened on previous occasions — and that we were going to respond to the media inquiries to make sure that reports were accurate. To a limited extent, that is what we did.”

Apparently after last Wednesday’s meeting, sources close to the Magic stated they’re ready to keep Dwight Howard through next season, despite the all-star center’s demands of a trade, and will not resign after the season.

After countless exchanges from claiming to being blackmailed, to changing his stance on signing a long-term deal with the Lakers, Dwight seems like he doesn’t know what he wants. As of right now it seems that any team willing to take a chance on the diva center, would be risking losing him at the end of next season to free agency.

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