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Dwyane Wade may pay HUGE legal fees in divorce

  • Andy Flint


Dwyane Wade’s divorce from ex-wife and high school sweetheart, Siohvaughn Funches, has been anything but smooth. Funches recently posed on the curb with a sign, claiming poverty because of Wade. But, the biggest cost in the whole fiasco may land in the laps of Wade’s lawyers.

Wade’s ex will be collecting $5 million from the superstar, and 3-time NBA champ, who raked in a modest $17.2 million from his NBA salary alone, last season. Wade also banks from various endorsement deals, so the guy is pretty financially set. But, that won’t change the fact that he might end up paying more than $10 million to his lawyers! Hold up, $10 million? This is the moment when we all realize that we’re in the wrong business.

“We were at about $8 million last year,” said one lawyer who asked not to be named. “He’s paying more for lawyers than what he is paying his wife for the settlement.”

Yikes. The fact that Wade is paying lawyers upwards of $10 million, just to pay his his ex-wife an additional $5 million is insane. That means that Wade is losing essentially his entire salary from last season in one swift move. And we wonder why former athletes go broke with such ease.

Sure, Wade will earn close to another $40 million over the next two seasons from just his deal with the Miami Heat, but losing $15 million in a court battle surely puts a big damper on things for the star shooting guard.


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