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Ed Reed blames Tom Brady for hip injury

  • Stephen Kettner


There was a lot of controversy surrounding the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady when he slid with his foot up during a playoff game in January 2013. Ed Reed was the player moving in on Brady and I for one applauded Brady for protecting himself. Let’s be honest, how often does the quarterback still get hit after sliding feet first? In the playoffs, if you take out the other teams best player, odds of winning increase.

Ed Reed was talking to reporters about his rehab when he said, “The only play I could look at is when I got kicked by a certain quarterback.” Well I can tell you what, from watching football this season that was a not so subtle stab at someone. It probably has nothing to do with past hip injuries or the fact that Reed has played hard nosed football for 11 seasons in the NFL. Father time always catches up and always wins.

As stated later in the ESPN article, this is Reed’s second hip operation. While this one was minor compared to the one in 2010, it is still your hip and it takes a ton of time to heal. As for Tom Brady, I hope more quarterbacks protect themselves, especially because a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty is an uneven trade when losing your best player.



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