Ed Reed says Junior Seau “signed up for it”

  • David Whitlock


Ed Reed had some stoic thoughts on Junior Seau and his family’s lawsuit against the NFL by stating simply that Junior “signed up for it.”  The Seau family recently joined a number of other entities suing the NFL for wrongful death, negligence, misrepresentation of research, the gamut as brain injuries from NFL careers continue to dominate the headlines.  American sports fans and the general public are still struggling with how they appreciate football, while fully understanding the risks to human life associated with the physical nature of the sport.  Even the President weighed in this week.


Seau took his own life in May

What’s troubling to me, is Reed’s confession of his own struggles with head trauma, as he stated during the Super Bowl media day:

“I feel effects from it. Some days, I wake up and I’m like, ‘Where did my memory go?’ But I signed up for it.”

He added

“Junior gave everything he had to football. I’m sure he’s looking down and has no regrets.”

Who is right or wrong in either the court of law, or court of public opinion remains to be seen.  This is certainly a topic that will not go away for years to come.  Technology is trying to keep pace, but the speed and size of players seems to be outweighing this.

– Dave (@lhd_on_sports)

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