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Epic Events: How to Throw an Indoor Baseball Game Day Bash

  • Jason Whitney

If you’re itching to throw a great party while watching your favorite team in addition to getting more people involved, then you’re playing head’s up ball. Stay within the lines of play and read the following information related to throwing an unforgettable indoor baseball bonanza.


Function follows form. So arrange your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and adjoining areas in team colors. Buy color coordinated napkins, plates, streamers, and other decor to show devotion to the home team and impress guests.

Don’t dismiss an opportunity to take a swing at making desserts, appetizers, and invitations coordinate in color and in showing team fervor.


What’s better than any old party? A costume party adds another layer of excitement and curiosity regarding what’s in store, who will attend, and what player, manager, or baseball figure attendees decide upon. Of course, providing prizes, such as seats to a home game, adds incentive and excites attendees. It’s a sure hit with party goers, so be sure to let friends and family members know it’s a costume party when sending invitations.

Traditional invitations are great but crafting your customized baseball invitations from a home computer would be even better.


A few libations is certain to wet the whistle and ease any social anxiety. So, have a few alcoholic beverages on hand for those who enjoy them. Why not use the opportunity to create your own cocktail or ‘shot,’ using the home baseball team as inspiration for the name of course.

For children and those who do not drink, have team-colored punch and juice on hand as well as some frozen popsicles shaped like baseball bats for added effect!

Post Cards

Each major league player gets a baseball card created in their image along with seasonal stats and personal information. Why should your party goers be lesser than the pros? Take pictures during the party and create post-party baseball cards featuring your friends and family members.

Rather than statistics, notate inside jokes, highlights from the party, or direct quotes on the reverse side. Details matter and guests will be impressed to get such a special keepsake after the event.


Whether it’s a moody child or elderly person who can’t sit for too long and watch the game, having alternatives in mind is part of thinking like a great host. can deliver hundreds of channel choices for those who are not big-time fans or not into the game at a given moment. Have another television in the home reserved for guests who would like another source of televised entertainment stocked with hundreds of great channels.

Season Tickets

Let party goers know that if all goes as planned and attendees are equally avid fans of the gathering that you will continue to throw parties and all hold ‘season tickets’ to your baseball bashes. Who knows? This baseball bonanza could gain momentum and make its way into football season. But, you should start by taking practice swings and preparing for your first baseball bash.

Lucas Fallon is a sports writer and baseball enthusiast. He loves writing about sports and how to enjoy them better. Look for his articles on many sporting and entertainment blogs.

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