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ESPN edits out Dwyane Wade joke, Bill Simmons sounds off

  • Jason Whitney

Bill Simmons was mad over ESPN editing out his Dwyane Wade joke

The untouchable Bill Simmons was once again mad at his employer, ESPN. Twitter has absolutely changed society in that you can literally get pissed off at your employer, friends, athletes or celebrities and tweet out to the world whatever you’d like. Simmons at this point has to know he’s nearly untouchable because he’s called out ESPN on more than one occasion. Can we expect another “Twitter suspension” for Bill Simmons?

Simmons sounded off on ESPN (via Twitter) for editing out a joke he made about Dwyane Wade.

Simmons then turned his attention to the world of studio television. Simmons tweeted about studio TV and how they refuse to bend or change for anyone.

Could Simmons good friend, Adam Carolla, have been the one to forewarn him about television executives and producers? Simmons and Carolla are good friends from their days on Jimmy Kimmel Live, while both have appeared on each other’s podcasts several times over the years. Here is Carolla’s response after being asked a question on doing another show for television.

After hosting SPEED Channel’s The Car Show for a year, would you do another car show?

I don’t think I’d do any show whether it’s a car show, or sitcom. I don’t know if I’d want to crawl back in that system. It’s just a mess filled with dumb people. Maybe they’re good students but don’t have a funny or creative bone in their body, and you have to listen to them. Most of the producers are full blown hacks and you have to work with them and it’s nauseating, it’s demoralizing, and it’s soul crushing.

I recently built a pirate ship, and I’m the captain and not interested in going back and working with those hacks.. Most of those people who produce those shows are really bad at what they do, and who the hell wants to listen to someone who’s bad at what they do? And they’re not only bad at what they do it comes with a lot of attitude. So it’s a one-two punch of incompetence and narcissism. Who the fuck wants to listen or deal with those people?


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