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4 Sports to Take up if You’re a Fan of Basketball 3

Even though you love basketball, there is no reason why you can’t love more than one sport! In fact, there are many sports people who play basketball will fall in love with if they try them out. If you are looking to expand your sporting horizons, these top picks will help you to get your head in the game.

1. Golf

Although you may believe that golf and basketball are incredibly different sports, basketball players often have the skills and physique needed to be great golf players. Many basketball players will have honed their vertical jump skills so that they can easily score during the game. This ability can come in handy in golf too as their vertical thrust when swinging the club helps them to create a better shot by putting more power behind it. Not only this, but you should also have the coordination to play both sports as both sports include aiming for a goal and directly power through a ball. To take up golf, all you need is the right equipment and to find a golf course near you. PXG can help you to succeed as a beginner in golf with their high-quality golf clubs, which are created to give you the best swing possible, with both accuracy and power.

2. Rugby

Rugby bears similarities to basketball in that it focuses on a ball which is passed from hand to hand between players. Not only this, but both sports are team sports and rely on communication between team members to win against an opposing team, making it easy for basketball players new to rugby to appreciate the dynamics and rules of the game. In both cases, you are also aiming for a goal: the net in basketball and a try in rugby. This means that the game revolves around reaching the opposing side of the pitch, a concept which is easy to gauge if you have played basketball.

3. Netball

In the history of netball, it was once known as women’s basketball; but there are now men’s teams of netball that differentiate this sport from basketball. In netball, no dribbling is allowed, and you must only throw the ball to another member of the team rather than run with the ball alongside you. Plus in netball, there is only one designated shooter who can score, whereas in basketball anyone can score a goal and lead their team to victory.

4. Hockey

Hockey is also similar to basketball in many ways, such as working as a team to aim the ball towards a goal that will increase your score. However, there is a major difference in the way that they are played, and that is that hockey uses sticks with which you must hit the ball in an attempt to pass it between players and score, rather than carrying it in your hands. 

Although basketball is one of the most thrilling sports, there are many other sports which basketball players can enjoy. If you are looking for a new sport to participate in, look no further than the list above.



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