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76ers Getting Worried About Andrew Bynum 0

Philadelphia executives are reportedly getting worried about Andrew Bynum.

The Philadelphia 76ers made a huge move this offseason, dealing swingman Andre Iguodala to Denver and receiving Andrew Bynum from the Los Angeles Lakers in return. Bynum has shown a ton of potential during his time in the league, but has yet to put it all together permanently for multiple reasons.

Injuries have always been a problem with Bynum, who has yet to play a minute for his new team. Maturity is also a concern, as he always seems to have an outburst or says something that gets him in trouble. Last year, he was chewed out by former coach Mike Brown for shooting a three-pointer.

Due to ongoing knee injuries, he has been limited to the bench so far, and his return is uncertain. For a team that was planning to be extremely reliant on his production, panic is starting to ensue in Philadelphia, according to the New York Daily News.

Sixers execs are getting a little panicky about Andrew Bynum’s rehab and when he’s going to finally make his debut in the middle for Doug Collins. You’d be worried, too, if you had made Bynum the centerpiece of your future.

This is not good news for the 76ers.

In Iguodala, they lost their most consistent performer on both ends of the floor. He may not have been the superstar that the fans wanted him to be, but he was an extremely good player. Bynum might have more potential than Iggy, but sitting on the bench isn’t going to help the team win any games.

Knee injuries are always worrisome, particularly for big men. Andrew Bynum’s health very well could decide whether the trade was a good one for the 76ers.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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