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Andrei Kirilenko: Basketball IQ is higher in European players 0

Andrei Kirilenko

After a strong showing in the Olympics, Timberwolves fans can’t wait to see what Andrei Kirilenko can bring to the table this season. AK47 played in Russia last season and has been looking very good thus far in international play.

Minnesota signed him to a deal this offseason, addressing perhaps their biggest need; a wing player. Additionally, the team has added Brandon Roy and Chase Buddinger to solidify this. With good bigs and solid point guard play, the Timberwolves might have done just what they needed to do to make a run at the playoffs.

With a season away from the NBA under his belt, Andre Kirilenko has made the claim that European players have a higher basketball IQ than American players.

Are you ready to become a mentor for younger players?
I strongly dislike the word ‘mentor’, and I’m never going to become one. No matter how young the player is – if he got into NBA, then it means something. I will never be the one to point others what they should do. But I’ll be glad to give hints here and there – to give hints, not to teach.

There will be at least four European players on T’Wolves’ roster, and five foreigners. Is it a good thing or not?
It’s great when a lot of players are familiar with European style of basketball, because the level of basketball IQ in it is higher.

So, there you have it. He very well may be right, as European players in the NBA generally seem to be fairly intelligent.

In his prime, Andrei Kirilenko was a heck of an all-around player. He was an excellent perimeter defender, and a more than serviceable scorer and rebounder. It may not be fair to expect him to be in his prime, but he could certainly still help an NBA team a lot.

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