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Antrel Rolle: Some of My Teammates Don’t Believe We Can Win 64

Antrel Rolle

Following another disappointing defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday, Antrel Rolle remained about as optimistic and upbeat as a player on an 0-4 team could. He boldly proclaimed his team could run the table and go 12-0 in the next 12 games.

He sounds like a delusional Jets fan with a statement like that.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, but it is dangerously close.

To make matters worse for the Giants, who have had their share of disputes and locker room problems this week, Rolle addressed the attitude of his teammates after he made his bold claim.

Via Pro Football Talk at NBC Sports:

I really don’t believe that everybody believes we can win within our locker room, and it’s hard,” Rolle said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s guys who haven’t been there before, guys who haven’t been affiliated with how the Giants made comebacks, how we can come back at the end of game, how we can overcome adversity. So I really don’t expect every guy to have the same belief that I have or maybe other people in our organization have. That’s why we’re trying to get everyone together and get them on the same page. … It’s not too late to turn it around.

Truthfully, Rolle is correct in the idea that not all of his teammates are going to share the same positive mindset he has, and they have a reason not to: being 0-4.

However, Rolle is also correct with his final statement in that paragraph. The season is not beyond saving yet and the Giants can indeed turn this dire situation around seeing as they are only a quarter of the way through the season. The best team in their division stands at 2-2 and the Giants have only played one of their six required division games so far.

The problem lies in changing the losing culture and defeatist attitude that seems to have set in for some of the players in the locker room. Perhaps Rolle and his teammates need to come to some sort of a middle ground in terms of realistic expectations for this season.

A win this Sunday would put them on the right path. Let’s start with that.


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