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Canada and hockey are two words that are synonymous in most Canadians – and Americans for that matter, minds when hearing either word. And for the die-hard sports fans living in Canada, depending on your location, you might have more at stake than just rooting for your Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, or Vancouver Canucks. That’s right, if you’re like the millions of sports fans out there that put down some cash on sports, you know how great the feeling is when you not just see your favorite team win the game, but also see the cash flow in your pocket increase. These seven NHL teams that represent the different Canadian cities also offer the great people of these franchises an opportunity to bet on their favorite hockey team. That’s where Bodog Sports comes to the rescue and delivers sports fans that have the urge to gamble what they want.

For some hockey teams in the NHL, they have less than 25 games remaining on the regular season schedule. However, that doesn’t include the exciting postseason which gives the chance for fans to watch the most exciting couple of months in the sports year for Canadians. That means time is starting to run out on the chances you have left in betting on games. So what does Bodog Sports have to do with betting options for hockey leagues? Well, for starters, if you’re looking for an online sportsbook and live in Canada, then Bodog really should be your first option seeing that the very successful website was founded by well-known Canadian online gambling entrepreneur Calvin Ayre. Not to mention that the website was started way back in 1994 and continues to flourish in offering high-quality experiences to their vast amount of online users. Think about that for a moment. For 23 years, Bodog has been around to offer Canadians the best option available for betting on hockey leagues.

Why choose Bodog over the other outlets when selecting an online hockey sportsbook?

When you browse through the Bodog website, you can see the plethora of reasons they stand out more than the competition. One of the first things you’ll notice is the awesome 100 percent sign up bonus up to $200 that they offer. In addition, they pay out 90 percent, have great options for compatible payout methods for Canadians, offer refer-a-friend bonuses, and displays a very friendly user interface application.

After you scroll below the above-the-fold header, you’ll notice the high ratings based off six categories Bodog has received. With any online sportsbook, it’s imperative to have great ratings in the categories of Betting Variety, Banking, Welcome Offer, Promotions, Support, and Mobile. One of the important snippets of information you’ll immediately notice when you are on the website is the time and resources the company has invested in putting together a fantastic mobile application. And the results don’t lie with Bodog receiving their highest score in the mobile category with an additional comment praising the website’s mobile app.

We love the Bodog mobile app. It’s a very smooth platform that looks great and makes betting simple and enjoyable.

This comment is spot on and is a great and accurate representation of the entire Bodog website. Any Canadian hockey fan that is looking for an option to deposit money on an online sportsbook should really give this network a chance. The betting platform has a very clean look and simplistic menu. However, what really separates Bodog from its competition is the way the platform offers its live betting and how it operates. But wait, there’s more. Banking options and the flexibility of a sportsbook in regards to payouts and deposits is very important because it shows that the network you are joining cares about people with different options than the norm. And that’s just what Bodog does. They offer Canadian users with a Maestro debit card or American Express the opportunity to play using those payment methods and the majority of online sportsbooks would not except these payment methods.

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Naturally, the immediate reward a good online sportsbook should offer you is some type of welcoming offer and continual promotions so that you can always be aware of the best options to enhance your chance at making more money. Often times you’ll see sportsbooks that offer these crazy sign-up bonuses or welcoming offers. However, what they fail to tell you is that often times you have to place so many bets in order to cash out these earnings and this can be a real hassle and annoyance – as any online sports bettor will tell you. With Bodog, they eliminate the hassle and annoyance with very attractive play-through requirements so you don’t get stuck with having to bet on an obscene amount of money on numerous games just to get a chance at the bonus that is offered. This is also known as a roll-over and many of these roll-over requirements can make it so you become so frustrated that you start placing bets on games just to meet the requirements. Bodog’s roll-over is only five times which is very low. In other words, that bonus money you are offered for signing up – that you might never see on other sites becomes of the requirements, will actually be given to you much sooner with Bodog.

These reasons, in addition to the great customer support, shows why Bodog is one of the leading sportsbook outlets in their field. Canada loves their hockey and just like Canadians treat the players of their favorite team with great support, so does Bodog’s support system in regards to their customers. The best thing about their customer support system is that you won’t be having too many interactions with them due to how well the overall platform works.

Overall, Canadians really have a great option in Casino Canada Online. Desktop and mobile interface is extremely easy to view and use. Being able to sit from the comfort of your own couch and placing bets with the ease that Bodog allows, is one of the reasons any Canadian should seriously consider this sportsbook site their new place to go. There is a reason Bodog’s Casino online sportsbook site receives four stars out of five. So what are you waiting for? Jump on the site and sign up to play right now and tell them the Sports-Kings sent ya!


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