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Blake Griffin on new flopping rule: “Good way for the NBA to get more money” 0

Blake Griffin had some interesting takes on the new flopping rule.
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After the NBA announced a new rule against flopping, it was only natural that you would hear players speaking out about it. The first of what I imagine will be many waves against this new rule came from LA Clipper superstar forward Blake Griffin, who didn’t sound very fond of the policy, calling it a “good way for the NBA to get more money.”

Griffin went on to say that the existence of the rule is good in theory, but he doubts it will make a difference on the court: “It’s not going to win or lose games for anybody… But now you’re telling me if it’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals and a guy has a chance to make a play he’s going to be like, ‘Well, do I want this $10,000 or do I want a championship?’

It’s a fair assessment. I think most fans, players, and coaches alike know that flopping is a problem, and doesn’t belong in the league. The trouble is, how do you fix it? Will a policy like this actually work? My main concern would be how it is enforced, since judging whether somebody is flopping is completely subjective. Granted, some, if not most, are pretty obvious, but what happens the first time someone gets suspended or fined heftily for a controversial flop?

More importantly, the players union has also spoken out about the matter, and it seems that some legal action against the rule has not been ruled out as a possibility, according to NBA Player Union president Billy Hunter

The National Basketball Players Association also announced plans to file a grievance and an unfair labor practice charge challenging the new rule. NBA players union executive director Billy Hunter said in a statement that the rule has to be first bargained by the union and that a “monetary penalty for an act of this type is inappropriate.”

Hopefully this bout gets settled quicker than the last time David Stern and Hunter crossed the legal paths…



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