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Buffalo Sabres forced to use former video scout as backup goalie 97

Sabres backup goal Ryan Vinz, who…isn’t even a hockey player.
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Just earlier today, the Buffalo Sabres pulled off a trade sending beloved starting goalie Ryan Miller to the St. Louis Blues. Miller was clearly emotional in his last press conference as a Sabre. In turn, Jhonas Enroth was thrusted into starting goalie duties, leaving a hole in his usual backup spot. Apparently, the Sabres didn’t exactly have the best contingency plan, leaving one lucky man as the benefactor to live his dream.

Ryan Vinz, the Sabres backup goalie tonight, has about as much hockey experience as you or I. Vinz has never played at any professional level, and is currently the Director of Hockey Technology at a Buffalo based company called HarborCenter. Vinz’s connection to the Sabres you ask? He used to be a video scout.

Now, for Vinz’s sake, let’s just hope Enroth doesn’t pull a groin tonight. Then again, the only thing that could make this story any cooler if is Vinz could somehow get some ice time (not that we would ever wish injury on somebody.)

Regardless, Vinz has one of the coolest stories ever to tell his grandchildren 50 years from now.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder



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