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Charles Barkley thinks Jeremy Lin will have more success than Tim Tebow 0

Charles Barkley is at it again. This time saying  that he believes Jeremy Lin will have more success in Houston than Tim Tebow will in New York.

“Well, I think Jeremy Lin is a good player. He’s going to have more success. Tebow is a good kid, but he’s honestly going there to be the backup.” Barkley Said. 

“Jeremy Lin is going there to be the starting point guard, and he did some incredible stuff. I want to see him do well. That’s one of the greatest stories I’ve ever seen, to be honest with you, as long as I’ve been involved with the NBA.”

The stories of Jeremy Lin, the recycled point guard from Harvard, who found himself in the “Big Apple” after being unwanted by two NBA teams, one of which being the Houston Rockets, who waived Lin before he found success in New York as a Knick. The Rockets wanted “Linsanity” back so badly that they were willing to pay big-time money ($35 Million) for his services.

On the flip-side of that coin you have Tim Tebow, a cult athlete with a nickname of his own. “Tebow-Mania” exploded in Denver last season and the sensation “Tebowing”  was born. That was before Peyton Manning found himself on the outs in Indianapolis and wound up in the “Mile-High” city. Long story short, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets to play as Mark Sanchez’s backup and that’s where the story has ended for the moment.

Of  course, Barkley’s assessment on anything football can be considered amateur. Afterall, Chuck is a basketball guy and by no means an expert of all things NFL. Although he reportedly has a deal on the table with another ex-athlete, turned sports analyst, Warren Sapp. The details explain that the two of these (large) fellas plan to have a foot-race, but the bet may have hit snags and both parties have different stories as to why the race has been put on hold, for now.


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