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Dempster dumps on Red Sox offer 68

How much is Ryan Dempster worth?  Apparently more than $12.5M per year over 2 years.  According to Gordon Edes of, Dempster turned down that money from the Red Sox, and a similar deal from the Kansas City Royals.  Dempster appears to favor a 3-year deal, which make pretty good sense as he is now 35 years old and this is probably his last big deal.  Dempster joins a long list of proven arms that seem to be hesitating to sign until the right match is found, and who can blame them?  Zack Greinke is the crown jewel reportedly seeking in excess of $150M for a multi-year deal.  The biggest name to sign so far has been Dan Haren for 1-year, $13M (with the arm-loaded Washington Nationals) so it appears that teams that need arms (like the Red Sox) are going to have to dig deep into their wallets to land the big fish.

-Dave (@lhd_on_sports)


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