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Eli Manning doesn’t think he’s on the decline, believes he has years left 68

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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has come off his worst season in his ten years in the NFL.  He threw for 3,819 yards 18 touchdowns and a jaw-dropping 37 interceptions.  The most in the league.  The Giants finished the season with a 7-9 record

But despite the poor numbers, Manning remains adamant that he’s not on the decline and has many more good seasons left in the league.

“I think I have many more years ahead of me,” Manning told the Daily News. “I think this year will definitely be a better year. I’m looking forward to it. All I can worry about is coming to work every day, getting better, and make sure I’m doing everything I can to make sure we have a better year.  And I think we will.”

At 33-years old, Manning probably doesn’t have as much time left as he thinks.  He doesn’t play at a consistent level despite his two Super Bowl victories.  Quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Tom Brady and even his older brother Peyton are still playing into their mid-30s because they’re still performing at an elite level.  Manning doesn’t.

However, for what little time Manning may have left as a starter in the NFL, the Giants are loading up on offensive weapons to help him out.

The Giants have quietly been improving their team.  They drafted Odell Beckham Jr to partner Victor Cruz at wide receiver, brought back one of the heroes of the 2011 Super Bowl win against the New England Patriots in mario Manningham, and improved their running back situation by drafting Andre Williams from Boston College.

The good news for Giants fans is that Manning isn’t dwelling too much on his disastrous 2013 campaign and is soley focused on the 2014 season

“No, I really haven’t,” Manning said. “I think when you have a new offense coming in (with new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo) you’re not watching the film from last year at this time like we normally might be. We’re just focusing on this year, getting the fundamentals correct — the footwork, the timing —just a lot of drills to make sure everything is going well, and that my footwork matches up with the timing of this offense.  I’m really just focusing on trying to master this. I’m asking a lot of questions and getting totally into this year.”

With the new team surrounding him, it should be a good season for the Giants.



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