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Eli Manning may get together with receivers before training camp 87

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The Giants veterans recently wrapped up their offseason workout program last Thursday, leaving the team with a lot of down time before training camp in about a month. By rule, they’re not allowed on the field at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center until the start of camp on July 21. The players are free to do what they want, which includes meeting up and working together unofficially to work on their chemistry.

Head coach Tom Coughlin says that getting together like that would definitely be beneficial. When asked, he said, “Sure, oh yeah. To run together, to push each other. Sure they will,” Coughlin said. “In some cases, there’s no doubt it will happen.” Specifically, Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers will probably be working together to try and fix the serious chemistry issues that plagued the team in the nightmarish 2013 season that saw the team stumble out of the gate and never fully recover.

Starting quarterback Eli Manning is certainly open to these kinds of workouts, and he’s willing to set up the time and place for his teammates to meet up.

“We just have to see,” Manning said of organizing workouts with his receivers over the next month or so. “Maybe a couple. A lot of people are traveling around doing things, so it makes it somewhat difficult because you can’t do it [at the team facility] with the CBA and all of those rules.

“If we can hopefully maybe get together somewhere, it would be good to get some work done.”

The biggest issue with these meet-ups is that not all players stay local during their off time. Rookie WR Odell Beckham Jr. is heading to Arizona to work out and prepare for minicamp, though he plans to attend the Manning family’s annual camp, Manning Passing Academy, from July 10th to the 13th.

“I think you just keep getting in the weight room, make sure your conditioning is well, make sure you come into training camp as healthy as possible and in the best shape. Keep reviewing some of the scripts that we have or some of the practices that we have, going over them, keep going over them,” Manning said. “For me, going over the words, making calls out loud to be able to verbalize everything so I think doing all of those things so when we come back for training camp we haven’t taken a step backwards, we’re where we left off if not even better at some things, having some questions and a better understanding of what we’re trying to do.”

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