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Five sports events to look forward to now that Super Bowl is over 9

In case you missed the memo, we just had arguably the greatest Super Bowl game ever played. Of course we’re all prisoners of the moment and forget about the previous 50 Super Bowls that featured many great games. However, most likely at this point you’re either happy or sad for two of the same reasons: Your team either won or loss the Super Bowl, or you either won or loss money betting on the big game. And before you get too down about the big game being over, remember that there are still plenty of other sporting events to look forward to. In fact, if you’re looking to get back on the sports betting path, and want to know what events and how to get your bonus for bet365, then look no further than the top five sporting events coming up.

5. NBA All-Star Game

Believe it or not, we’re only weeks away from the best all-star game in sports. Fast pace and a lot of dunks make this game one of the most exciting to view. Oh, and it’s in New Orleans, so if you can attend the game and place a wager on it, you will surely have a great time celebrating your victory following the final horn.

4. NCAA March Madness College Basketball

This is probably “the Granddaddy of them all” when it comes to sports betting. Upsets, huge spreads, filling out brackets. Oh, and then there is actually watching the Cinderella high seed team dance their way into the Sweet 16 and beyond. This is one of the best sporting specatacles there is.

3. MLB Opening Day

Is there any better sign of warm weather, BBQs, and fun times than when the first pitch of the baseball season happens? America’s past-time isn’t too far away and soon enough you’ll have the chance to make an array of bets on teams you think will do well this season or just drafting your fantasy team. There is very few things better in life than enjoying a cold one and watching your favorite team play on a warm summer night.

2. NBA Playoffs

At the end of March Madness and the beginning of the baseball season, we have two full months of NBA postseason hoops. There is no lack of drama during these series and the momentum from game-to-game seem to change. In fact, one could claim this happens quarter-to-quarter. At any rate, you might have an idea of the top 3 or 4 NBA teams that will be their at the end, but with each advancing round comes more drama. And who doesn’t want to see the Warriors vs. Cavaliers Part III.?

1.) The Masters

Is there anything more synonymous than the Green Jacket and The Masters? While all these great aforementioned events are taking place, one of golf’s greatest tournaments happens from April 3-9 this year. Could this be the event that puts the polarizing Tiger Woods back on the golf map? What better situation of events to unfold than to see Tiger be right in the thick of things on the back 9 on Sunday?


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