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Greatest NBA All-Star Game Performances of all Time 1

As a fan of basketball, you have always been fascinated by the great players of NBA. They have become icons for the sports fraternity and have become an inspiration for millions of people worldwide. Everybody still admires these all-time greats and their performances on the field. They have made their clubs proud of their spectacular performances. So, if are eager to know about some of the greatest players in NBA, then here is a list of some of them.  By getting to know more about them, you will be inspired to know how they beat all odds and became successful ultimately.

Some of the greatest All-Star players

Allen Iverson: He has become the best NBA Players due to his performance. He scored 15 of his 25 points to an improbable 111-110 come-from-behind victory. This was done in the last nine minutes of the game.  This was also the 50th anniversary of the All-Star NBA game.

Dwyane Wade: Wade was famous for making the team win with 28 points in the final score of 141-139. He made 11 assists and six rebounds. The match saw a spectacular attendance of 108,713 at the AT&T Stadium.

Kevin Garnett: Kevin Garnett of Minnesota overshadowed Michael Jordan’s performance in the All-Star final game. He was adjusted as the MVP after he finished with 37 points that included nine rebounds and five steals. The team won in the final score of 155-145.

Tom Chambers: Tom Chambers was famous for his 34-point performance and was adjusted as the MVP. The team won in the final score of a 154-149 overtime victory. This was the highest scoring All-Star match.

Rick Barry: Rick Barry was one of the greatest players of San Francisco Warriors and he scored 38 points. It consisted of six rebounds and three assists. He led his team to a final victory with 135-120 over the East.

Isiah Thomas: Thomas led the East to a win over the West with a final score of a 139-132 victory in the year 1986. He was crowned MVP with 30 points and 10 assists.

Kobe Bryant: Bryant became famous after he scored 37 points and led his team to the 148-143 victory over the East. He also earned the fourth MVP title for his performance.

Wilt Chamberlain was the star of the NBA All-Star game in the year 1962 after scoring 42 points and 24 rebounds. It resulted in the West win over the East. Chamberlain was adjusted the MVP after his performance.

Michael Jordan: Jordan is one of the greatest players of all times for his performance in 1988. He scored 40 points, with eight rebounds and three assists.

Magic Johnson: He created magic with some of the best All-Star performances and finished with 25 points.

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