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Human Rights Campaign not happy the Giants hired David Tyree 60



Everyone loves a hero; and David Tyree is a hero to Giants fans.

Tyree is most remembered for the “helmet catch” that he made in Super Bowl XLII, ultimately leading to a Giants Super Bowl victory.  It was the final catch of his NFL career.

But there is another incident that most people don’t know or remember about Tyree.  Most people do not include the Human Rights Campaign, who blasted the Giants for hiring Tyree because of his anti-gay comments.

From ESPN New York:

The Human Rights Campaign blasted the New York Giants‘ hiring of David Tyree on Tuesday for his past comments in which he expressed anti-gay views. 

Tyree, who was hired as the team’s director of player development, said in 2011 that he would trade in his famous Super Bowl helmet catch if it would stop homosexuals from being married.

That same year, Tyree also put out a series of tweets saying, “there is no scientific evidence to support the claim of being born gay” and that he has met “former homosexuals.”

According to the statement from the Human Rights Campaign, Tyree’s claim “has been debunked and condemned by every major medical and mental health organization in the country, including the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, and many others.”

“When did Tyree decide to be straight?” HRC president Chad Griffin asked in the statement. “The idea that someone can change their sexual orientation or gender identity is ludicrous, and the New York Giants are risking their credibility by hiring someone who publicly advocates this junk science. His opposition to basic legal equality aside, David Tyree’s proselytizing of such dangerous practices goes against the positive work the Giants organization has done in recent years.”

The Giants said in a statement Tuesday evening that Tyree “was expressing his personal view, and that is not the view of the Giants organization.”

Tyree declined to comment on the Human Rights Campaign’s statement when contacted by

“I don’t have any comment about it. I’m just excited to be with the Giants,” Tyree said via telephone.

The media circus that could follow this hiring could become a bigger issue if more NFL players come out as being homosexual.  Imagine if the Giants drafted Michael Sam on top of this?

Just ask Tony Dungy how messy that could have gotten.

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